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Diani Backpackers

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Their Story

The name "Diani Beach" is often used as the collective term for a bunch of interconnected beaches south of Mombasa. At low tide, the unique, blinding white and ultra fine sand of their beautiful beach can be as wide as 150 meters. It is protected by a shallow lagoon followed by the coral reef that sits at about 1 kilometers from the low water mark. Not only do these offer protections against the ocean, they also provide ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water sports like kite and windsurfing. Diani Backpackers is a hostel for travelers that embraces the local scenery and offers a swimming pool with a poolside bar and restaurant when their guests need a little recovery time.

The Opportunity

Diani was originally built on Wordpress—often a frustrating experience for non-developers and a security risk if you're not completely on top of your website every day. Diani was ready to move on. They wanted an easier experience managing the website and they needed their booking system integrated with their website. They wanted to deliver a luxury hostel experience, which might sound funny to say, but we think you'll agree that they succeeded if you visit them.

Unique Considerations

Internet connection in Kenya can be slow at times, increasing load times and bounce rates. It was crucial to design a website with minimal reloads and lightweight pages. The technical skills of guests are also quite varied, so simple and straightforward design and user flow were also important.

Diani Backpacker's pool with tables, chairs, and benches in the foreground

Winning Solution

We redesigned their website from the ground up and developed it with a completely custom solution on a modern content management system called Webflow. We designed simple aesthetic user interfaces and wrote lightweight code to keep things loading quickly. We also opted for a single page design to limit the need for reloading the pages as the user navigates to their desired destination. We integrated a booking system directly into their website for beautiful continuity in their guests' booking journey.

Key Results

Initially the plan was to design and develop the website and then pass the development to a local web design agency for maintenance in the tech-booming city of Nairobi, Kenya, but Diani Backpacker's team loved our work so much they decided to have us manage the website indefinitely, despite the time zone difference.