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Alice's Italian Gourmet

Fast Casual Italian Cuisine
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Their Story

In Italy, street food is sold by vendors from trucks and market stalls. It is frequently served in paper cones and is as diverse and culturally rich as the country itself. Fulfilling a long-held dream, Carlo and Alice Paoletti moved from Milan to the U.S. with their three children, Tommaso, Rocco, and Jacopo. They now serve up their family favorites for hungry diners at Alice’s Italian Gourmet (pronounced ah/LEE’tchee’s), a trendy fast-casual restaurant in San Diego, CA where they feature top-quality imported ingredients, prime beef, and the freshest local produce they can get their hands on.

The Opportunity

Alice's didn't have a website yet, resulting in a ton of opportunity for growth, so the primary goal was to create a simple website that hosts the menu, hours, location, social links and more in a quick and easy format. In summary, the objective was to get the word out and attract new customers.

Unique Considerations

Because of the location of Alice's Italian Gourmet, they serve a ton of office workers on their lunch breaks. That makes the simplicity of the website even more important. Office workers want fast, straightforward options, and we knew this had to be a top priority.

Alice's Italian Gourmet restaurant storefront with two mopeds and flower vases

Winning Solution

We developed a single page website with the hours, location, and phone number posted right at the top for clear access. The menu is listed directly on the main page as well, making quick conversions all but guaranteed.

Key Results

Alice's has become one of the most popular restaurants in their area for office workers, with lines out the door most days of the week. Local diners are loving the website's clean aesthetics and simplicity so they can focus on what they care about most: eating some of the best Italian street food in town.