Athena Van Beveren


van Beveren

Business Development Coordinator


Having grown up in Amsterdam, a city with one of the most diverse populations in all of Europe, Athena has always been exposed to a mixed culinary world. After moving to the United States, she continued to seek out those culturally unique foods and honed her cooking skills. It was a very natural progression that she would work in the restaurant industry, and eventually work professionally alongside restaurants in a web design agency.


Athena speaks multiple languages and brings a global perspective to every project she touches, but her true value is in her energetic creativity and sense of possibility. She drives our agency toward unique and meaningful work while connecting us to the perfect clients and partners.


When she's not pushing our agency to higher levels, Athena spends her time reading, studying languages, training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and lifting weights. She's also an amazing chef.

Favorite Food

Stamppot with rookworst

Favorite Drink

Dutch cocoa with jenever