Rose Fernandez



Creative Director


Rose's lifelong interest and academic background in art history and aesthetics form the bedrock of her vast visual vocabulary. She has always loved food, so working with Disney World's food and beverage team very closely and overseeing the Taste of Epcot events' content for guest communications, such as the Food & Wine Festival, was a great experience. She has worked in various agency roles since then, including client support specialist, graphic designer, and front-end developer.


With an unmatched eye for design and expertise integrating artistic vision into highly functional and efficient user interfaces, Rose will oversee the creative direction of your project from concept to completion.


Rose spends most of her time gathering and working with ideas and visuals. She’s deeply interested in psychology, neuroscience, consciousness, and art. When not engaged in the aforementioned, she enjoys listening to audiobooks/podcasts, climbing, dancing, going down YouTube rabbit holes, and cuddling with her cats.

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink

Kentucky mule